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Civil Service Bumping Puts Final DEP Staff Furloughs At 96
The final number of staff furloughed at the Department of Environmental Protection was reduced to 96 from the initial 138 due to Civil Service rules allowing employees to "bump" into other funded positions throughout the agency.

This does not change the number of positions lost by DEP as a result of its dramatic 26 percent budget cut this year-- 258. (11/23/09 PA Environment Digest)

DEP has lost 612 authorized positions since the 2002-03 budget (3,211 then and now 2,599)-- nearly 19 percent of its staff positions, and DCNR has lost 95 full time positions (1,390 positions then and 1,295 now)-- just under 7 percent of its positions since 2002-03.

Bumping allows employees to take over positions of the same or similar classifications in the same or other programs. The new position may be in the same office or in a different regional or district mining office in another part of the state. This means there will still be disruption to offices and programs as a result of these personnel moves.

There were no changes to the 9 employees lost and 66 vacant positions eliminated in the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources or to the 1,131 seasonal workers at DCNR had their positions eliminated or hours reduced in State Park and Forestry operations.


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