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New $10 Million Electronics Recycling Facility Launched In Philadelphia
Kuusakoski Philadelphia, LLC this week announced it has opened a new $10 million, state-of-the-art electronics recycling facility in Philadelphia with the help of the Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center.

The new facility will create approximately 30 skilled, technical jobs while recovering a minimum of 15,000 tons of recycled consumer electronics annually. The cutting-edge Kuusakoski processing technology is the first of its kind introduced to the United States, which is presently safely operated at locations in Finland, Sweden, and Russia.

“Pennsylvania recognizes there are innovative companies out there working hard to find novel ways to preserve our natural resources by recycling existing materials and creating other products,” said DEP Acting Deputy Secretary Ken Reisinger. “With this project, we’re investing our resources to help build demand on the part of manufacturers for materials that are traditionally challenging to domestically recover. That leads to a stronger recycling market in Pennsylvania, a stronger economy, and a cleaner environment. We are pleased to support RMC in their business development endeavors.”

“We are excited and eager to move forward in building many new business opportunties,” said Richard Burgess, President BGA Commodities; newly appointed as CEO, Managing Partner of Kuusakoski Philadelphia, LLC. “Kuusakoski has proudly partnered with BGA Commodities and the Recycling Markets Center to make this project a reality."

“Without involvement of RMC, it is likely our efforts to invest in Pennsylvania would not have occurred,” said Vesa Samela, Kuusakoski Country Manager USA, Board Member of Kuusakoski Philadelphia, LLC. “Further, we have received a cordial introduction from the Department of Environmental Protection in Pennsylvania.”

The new facility is likely to locate in Philadelphia and discussions with various Southeast Pennsylvania governmental affairs individuals are ongoing. Should the project mature on schedule, it is anticipated the new facility could be fully operational late 2010. Regardless of the final location, a formal ribbon-cutting event will be held sometime in 2010. Kuusakoski Philadelphia, LLC is eager to engage the public in their process to join the local community.

The Pennsylvania Recycling Markets Center provided management support though all phases of the economic development project including business planning; loan, grant, and tax credit coordination; facilitation of opportunities with the Departments of Environmental Protection and Community and Economic Development; introduction to the Governor’s Action Team; introduction to the Philadelphia Industrial Development Authority; introduction to the Center for International Regulatory Assistance; and technology and process validation.

“The RMC is proud to be associated with this success. The RMC is striving to return our Commonwealth investment to Pennsylvania, while creating jobs at a time when domestic resources are critical,” said Robert J. Bylone, Executive Director & President, RMC.


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