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House Passes Renewal Of Recycling Fee, Goes To Governor

The House gave final approval to House Bill 961 (Buxton-D-Dauphin) which extends the $2/ton Recycling Fee through 2020 sending the bill to the Governor for his consideration.

            The legislation also requires the transfer of $1.25 million annually to a new Used Tire Pile Remediation Program from the Recycling Fund through FY 2012-13.
            "These programs generate $40 million a year that goes back to local municipalities in the form of grants to help offset the cost of operating their recycling programs," Rep. Buxton said. "We simply cannot afford to lose this revenue now."
            Rep. Buxton added that recycling programs in Pennsylvania support nearly 80,000 jobs and 3,200 businesses with revenues exceeding $18 billion.
            "The environmental and economic returns on this investment far outweigh the alternative of closing the programs," Rep. Buxton said. "Recycling turns reusable materials into new and different products which lessens our dependence on raw materials, reduces pollution and lowers greenhouse gas emissions."
            "Recycling and cleaning up tire piles are two initiatives that impact local communities, and it's important to provide this funding mechanism for the years ahead," said Sen. Mary  Jo White (R-Venango), Majority Chair of the Senate Environmental Resources and Energy Committee. 
            The bill now returns to the House for a concurrence vote on Senate amendments.

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