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DEP Accepting Growing Greener Applications For Remaining Watershed, Flood Project $$

The Department of Environmental Protection is now accepting applications for Growing Greener Watershed Restoration Projects designed to reduce pollution in watersheds impaired by nonpoint source pollution. Applications are due September 17.  (formal notice)

            With the Growing Greener II bond funding now spent, the competition for funding will be intense.  $6 million will be available for Growing Greener Watershed Projects, $3 million in federal 319 watershed funding and $500,000 for flood control projects.
            One example of a special priority area is the Chesapeake Bay Watershed to reduce nitrogen, phosphorus and sediment pollution.
            Examples of eligible projects could include reducing nonpoint source pollution in watersheds where streams are impaired; integrating stormwater management and flood protection into watershed management; encouraging the beneficial use of abandoned mine pool water; and water conservation strategies, and projects that will help reduce Total Maximum Daily Load pollutants.
            Flood Protection
            Through the same application process, applicants can also apply for funding through the Department's Flood Protection Grant Program and Section 319 Nonpoint Source Grant. Flood protection grants are for communities that operate and maintain State and Federal flood protection projects. Section 319 Grants focus on funding similar projects to Growing Greener but with special emphasis within targeted watersheds.
            PA Environment Digest has posted a copy of the application online.
            DEP said it would post more information on the 2010 application process on its Growing Greener webpage.

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