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Gov. Corbett Outlines Themes Of New Administration

Pointing to the unease of Pennsylvania's founders over "government exploitation and excess," Gov. Corbett called on all citizens this week to open this new chapter of the state's history by beginning a new kind of debate which does "not confuse acrimony with passion or partisanship with principle."

           His 12 minute Inaugural Address laid out themes for the new Administration, but was not a laundry list of "to-dos" like some previous governors included their inaugural speeches.

            Noting it wasn't only the chill of the January wind everyone feels, he said it is the uncertain economic times when small businesses can't hire and large employers can't invest and a "government (that) has spent beyond its means and individual corrupt acts have eroded an essential element of leadership-- the public's trust."

            He said his new course for Pennsylvania first includes being responsive to the fiscal realities state government finds itself in and taking on, rather than passing on, the financial burdens of government.
            "Today, Pennsylvania’s tradition of character and courage carries on in the single mother who works an extra job so she can send her children to a better school; in the researchers who have taken a nugget of an idea and turned it into viable nanotechnology; and in the third generation farmer who is as committed to the environmental integrity of his land as he is to keeping the family farm going."
            On government reform, Gov. Corbett said, "We must restore transparency, accountability and fiscal discipline.  But we will move forward with government and legislative reform because, without it, there is no good government.
            "I see a promising future; one that breathes new life into our existing economies such as agriculture and manufacturing.  I see a future that embraces innovation in emerging frontiers of energy, life sciences and biotechnology.  I see a future that sets free the kind of creativity and competition that will make Pennsylvania the envy of our nation."
            "All of this will take time," he said.  "The challenges we face were not created overnight, nor will they be solved in a 24-hour news cycle or an arbitrarily conceived deadline.  It is more important to lead with decisive action that is accurate and precise.  This is a generational moment.  Our children’s grandchildren deserve our focused attention on doing only what is right to bring about this generational change."
            The full text of his speech is available online.

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