Somerset Firm Involved In Quecreek, Chilian Mine Rescues Recognized By President

Center Rock, Inc. founder and president Brandon Fisher and his wife Julie, sales director, were among the 26 Americans who attended President Obama's 2011 State of the Union address this week as guests of First Lady Michelle Obama.

            "The honor of being included in the group of guests for the State of Union Address was humbling, and something I never would have expected," said Brandon. "The recognition of Center Rock and our team would not be complete without acknowledging Greg Hall and his team from Driller's Supply as well as the leadership and drillers from Layne Christensen, and many others who teamed on this rescue."
            Responding to President Obama's speech, Brandon commented, "President Obama's pledge to invest in clean energy technology and reinvent the country's energy policy with the goal of generating 80 percent of our electricity from clean energy sources by 2035 is encouraging.  This emphasis is already creating tremendous opportunity in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania through the Marcellus Shale that covers so much of the state.  As a small business owner dedicated to producing new and innovative drilling technology, I am always looking for ways that I can work with key federal and state administrators to take advantage of this opportunity, expand my business, and create high-quality jobs."
            Brandon continued, "Certainly the Quecreek and Chilean mine rescue efforts helped raise our company's profile globally, and I am humbled by the accolades we received from the President last evening, but our main focus is to continue our efforts to develop our innovative Mine Rescue Protocol that can be activated swiftly to increase the chances of a positive outcome.  We also focus on drilling for the toughest applications, including construction and infrastructure as well as oil and gas.  I am hopeful that the new bi-partisan leadership we have in Washington will help small businesses like Center Rock succeed by implementing a fair corporate tax structure, affordable health care options, and trade agreements that are conducive to turning good ideas into thriving enterprises and allowing us to continue to do good things."  
            One of three representatives from the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania at the address, Brandon and Julie are proud to represent the Center Rock team, which played a critical, life-saving role by supplying the methodology and drill bits used to access and rescue the 33 trapped Chilean miners in the San Jose copper-gold mine collapse. 
            Center Rock's LP-Drill technology and the immediate all-hours response of its workforce enabled a considerable shortening of the rescue timeline.  Brandon, along with Richard Soppe, Manager of DHD Sales and Product Development, spent 37 days in Chile working to drill the rescue shaft as "Plan B," outpacing all other concepts.
            The State of the Union address marks the second visit to Washington, D.C. for the Center Rock founder, who met the President in October 2010 along with some of the Americans involved in the Chilean mine rescue efforts.


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