Chester County Recognizes West Chester University With Green Business Award


The Chester County Board of Commissioners and the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry, with the support of the Chester County Solid Waste Authority, recognized the 2010 Green Business Award recipients at this year’s Annual Dinner.
            West Chester University received an award for their distinguished recycling and waste reduction practices. Winners have consistently shown that their practices represent substantial cost savings as well as environmental benefits.
            West Chester University won a Green Business Award back in 1996 for its collection and marketing of paper, bottles, cans composting of green waste, buying recycled paper and recycling education program for all campus facilities starting with student orientation. 
            Since that time they have maintained a University Green Tea to promote waste reduction and recycling, had employees who actively sought ways to reduce waste, search for reuse opportunities and recycle as much as possible beyond what was required by State law or township ordinance. 
            They have also been an active participant in the Chamber’s recycling subcommittee and hosted tours and workshops to help educate facility managers from other institutions. 
            The West Chester University climate neutral sustainability initiatives will save $2M a year through green management and conservation including water conservation improvements, solar film on windows, weatherization and insulation, light fixture replacement and monitoring and control of HVAC in all major buildings. The restructuring of the already successful recycling program increased tonnage by 36 percent and saved $5,600. 
            A Green Curriculum with the addition of 2 sustainability certification programs, green LEED certified construction and green cleaning procurement, a huge geothermal system and the use of compressed natural gas and  Biodiesel B20 in vehicles reduces air pollution and CO2 emissions in this award winning program. West Chester University is an inspiration for other institutions and other businesses to copy.



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