Pennsylvanians Agree Nuclear Energy Is Necessary To Achieve Obama's Clean Energy Goals

The PA Energy Alliance this week applauded President Obama's support of nuclear power as an energy source that will be necessary to meet his goal of obtaining 80 percent of the country's electricity from clean energy sources by 2035 as outlined in his recent State of the Union Address. 

            The PA Energy Alliance is a statewide coalition which represents Pennsylvania consumers and business owners who support all clean energy sources including wind, solar and nuclear energy.
            "Nuclear energy is an essential part of the nation's energy portfolio, and must be increased to meet the country's energy needs," said Dr. Forrest Remick, Professor Emeritus, Nuclear Engineering, at Penn State University and a member of the advisory board of the Pennsylvania Energy Alliance. "Nuclear is the only emission-free, baseload source of power that can produce electricity around-the-clock, in any weather."
            When President Obama visited Penn State University this week to remark on the importance of investing in innovation and clean energy, he was among many Pennsylvanians that agree with Remick. 
            A recent poll of 800 Pennsylvania residents conducted by Susquehanna Polling and Research found that 90 percent of respondents – half of whom live near one of the state's five nuclear power plants – believe the use of nuclear power is an important part of meeting the United States' electricity needs. 
            The new poll also found 84 percent of respondents agree the use of nuclear power will lead to greater energy independence.
            "Nuclear power plants produce 70 percent of this country's emission-free electricity, and in recent years the 104 U.S. nuclear plants have been producing electricity equivalent to operating at full power at an average of more than 90 percent of the time," said Remick. "America needs to recognize nuclear power as a vital energy source that will not only help us reach our clean energy goals, but will create thousands of high-paying jobs for our citizens and assist our nation in achieving energy independence."
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