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Peregrine Falcons In Harrisburg, Pittsburgh In A Family Way

This week the peregrine falcons in Harrisburg and Pittsburgh began laying their eggs marking the beginning of nesting season.

           As of March 16, the Harrisburg female laid three eggs of the usual five.  The Pittsburgh falcon female laid two eggs so far.
            Normally the gestation period for falcon eggs is 34 days, so sometime in mid-April the eggs should start hatching.
            Register now for the Peregrine Falcon Educator Workshop on April 12 hosted by the Game Commission and Department of Environmental Protection in Harrisburg.
            Click Here to watch the Pittsburgh falcons.  Click Here to watch the Harrisburg falcons.
            NewsClips: Pittsburgh Peregrine Falcon Lays Year's First Egg
                                Pair Of Peregrine Falcons Possibly Nesting On Erie Bayfront


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