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Transportation Funding Advisory Commission Report Delivered To Governor

Transportation Secretary Barry J. Schoch, P.E., Monday delivered the Transportation Funding Advisory Commission final report on long-term transportation funding options to Gov. Corbett.
            The commission presented multiple funding ideas to the governor, who will decide what course of action will balance the best interests of Pennsylvania consumers and the need for state transportation funding over the next several years.
            “I want to thank the commission members for their expert analysis and dedication in serving on this important volunteer panel,” Schoch said. “The commission has produced a report that considers the transportation needs and realities of 12 million Pennsylvanians who expect and deserve to have a safe and efficient transportation infrastructure.”
            TFAC, formed by the governor’s executive order in April, was tasked with finding an additional $2 billion to $2.5 billion annually for the state’s transportation infrastructure needs. The panel’s 40 members, all experts in transportation, finance, local government and other fields, spent the last few months discussing new and innovative ways to meet Pennsylvania’s transportation funding needs.
            The TFAC plan also includes modernization and efficiency changes that will improve many of the ways in which PennDOT conducts business. Some of the modernization strategies include vehicle registration renewals every two years instead of annually, changing to an eight-year driver’s license instead of the current four years and reducing the number of driver’s licensing centers from 71 to 60.
            “TFAC recognized that if it’s going to ask the public to change the way Pennsylvania transportation is funded, Pennsylvanians – in return – expect and deserve to have a modern PennDOT that excels at customer service and delivers quality products,” said Schoch. “That’s what these modernization strategies are expected to produce.”
            The full report is available online.
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