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PEC On Corbett's Marcellus Announcement: Good Start, Waiting For The Details

Paul King, President of the PA Environmental Council, released this statement in response to Gov. Corbett's announcement of Marcellus Shale initiatives:

            "The Governor’s proposal is a good start.  But the devil is in the details, which are critical to passing a bill that’s good for the environment and public health.
            "We haven’t seen all of the details, so we intend to do everything we can to hold the governor’s feet to the fire as this proposal moves through the General Assembly.  And we intend to push for a greater share of the impact fee revenue to be used for addressing cumulative impacts and management of Marcellus Shale activity.
            "The Pennsylvania Environmental Council has provided its own proposal for amending the Oil and Gas Act to better manage unconventional shale gas development in Pennsylvania.  Many of those recommendations were incorporated into the governor’s Advisory Commission report, but more needs to be done. 
            "We have a duty to get this right. We commend Gov. Corbett on a good start, and expect that he and the General Assembly will build on this plan and craft legislation that fully protects the people and environment of Pennsylvania.

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By Paul King, President, PA Environmental Council


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