NRDC: Pennsylvania Among Best Prepared States For Climate Change

Only nine states-- Pennsylvania among them-- have taken comprehensive steps to address their vulnerabilities to the water-related impacts of climate change, while 29 states are unprepared for growing water threats to their economies and public health, according to a first ever detailed state-by-state analysis of water readiness released Thursday by the Natural Resources Defense Council.
            The report found, "Like other states across the northeastern U.S., Pennsylvania is expected to become warmer and wetter and to experience more short-term droughts and floods. The state has responded proactively to these challenges by beginning to address climate change issues through the development of a greenhouse gas pollution reduction plan and an initial adaptation strategy. 
            "However, it is not clear how much implementation will occur due to staffing reductions in state agencies and the lack of political support at the executive and legislative levels.
            "The state’s preliminary adaptation plan is intended to be integrated into the next iteration of the state’s climate action plan, due in October 2012. Moving forward, Pennsylvania should ensure that the adaptation plan’s recommendations are more robustly developed, included in future planning efforts, and implemented by the relevant state agencies."
            The NRDC report ranks all 50 states on their climate preparedness planning, and is accompanied by an interactive online map showing the threats every state faces from climate change.
            Click Here for a summary on Pennsylvania.
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