DEP Small Business Environmental Assistance Program Wins National Honors

The Department of Environmental Protection's Small Business Environmental Assistance Program has earned the top honor for Small Business Environmental Assistance Programs nationwide.
            The SBEAP National Steering Committee presented the 2012 Small Business Environmental Assistance Program Award in a ceremony held during the National 2012 Annual 507 Program Training in Washington DC. 
            Dale Kaplan of Kaplan’s Careful Cleaners and chair of the Pennsylvania and National Compliance Advisory Committees, Susan Foster of Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection, and Nancy Crickman, director of the Pennsylvania Small Business Development Centers Environmental Management Assistance Program (EMAP) accepted the award on behalf of the Pennsylvania program.
            The award recognizes exemplary performance in developing program innovations in one or more areas where programs have contributed their time, created resources and work products, promoted policy advancements, developed program innovations, and established new partnerships to build a strong network of small business assistance. 
            At the state level, Pennsylvania has been a leader in small business environmental compliance assistance since 1994. 
            Pennsylvania DEP has maintained all three program components – the Small Business Compliance Advisory Committee, free and confidential environmental compliance assistance provided through a partnership with EMAP and the Pennsylvania DEP Small Business Ombudsman.
            “We are proud of our program and happy that we have received national recognition for the work that we have done on a state level” said Dale Kaplan. “As a small business owner I understand the challenges small businesses face understanding and complying with complicated environmental regulations and appreciate Pennsylvania DEP’s commitment to providing these vital resources.”
            The Pennsylvania partners have worked together to develop innovative resources and tools for small businesses. One unique program that Pennsylvania offers is the DEP Small Business Advantage Grant which provides incentive funding to promote the implementation of pollution prevention and energy efficiency projects. 
            Since its inception in 2004, the grant program has issued 744 grants for over $4,000,000 to fund projects which benefit the environment and save businesses money on their operating expenses.
            EMAP provides free and confidential compliance assistance to small businesses by helping with permit preparation, emission calculations, record keeping and conducting on-site environmental assessments and employee training. 
            EMAP resources include a toll-free compliance hotline, 877-ask-EMAP, a website of resources and tools,, and one-on-one free environmental consulting assistance.
            For more information, visit the PA Small Business Assistance webpage.


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