Heritage Conservancy Connects Kids To Nature In the Bristol Marsh

Heritage Conservancy, an accredited not-for-profit conservation organization that specializes in preserving our natural and historic heritage, held its second annual "Future Stewards of the Bristol Marsh" educational field trip program on May 22nd to 25th at the Bristol Marsh Preserve, where nearly 200 students from Bristol Borough Middle School and Neil Armstrong Middle School in Bucks County were in attendance.

Photo: Students prepare soil for planting of seedlings along buffer area adjacent to Bristol Marsh. Credit: Harry Branson.

The Conservancy has been working as a local partner with The Nature Conservancy and Bristol Borough to promote the ecological restoration and stewardship of the Bristol Marsh Preserve, located in Bristol Borough. The Preserve liesalong the main stem of the Delaware River and includes a freshwater tidal marsh, a special type of wetland habitat found in coastal areas but rare in Pennsylvania.

Seventh grade science teachers and educators from the Silver Lake Nature Center and Bucks County Conservation District worked with the Conservancy to create the program, which combined in-class presentations and a field trip that touched on topics like tidal and non-tidal marshes, invasive plants, and different ways plants and animals adapt in a wetland area.

"This is a unique opportunity for students to learn about different ecosystems and increase their involvement in environmental sciences," said Susan Myerov, Senior Planner at Heritage Conservancy and program leader. "Through direct connection with nature, we hope the kids will learn to appreciate this great natural resource in their own community!"

Heritage Conservancy supporters made transportation for the program possible. During a live auction held at the Conservancy’s annual Barley Sheaf Benefit Dinner on May 20th, guests were invited to bid on “Buses for Bristol.” In total, donors funded 13 buses that were used and will continue to be used to transport students from financially challenged districts to the Bristol Marsh for this educational field trip.

For more information, including directions to the public access areas of the marsh, visit Heritage Conservancys website.


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