PROP: Ruby's Recycling Ruckus Wins Top Video Contest Honors

A comical and inspirational video was voted as best entry to the 5th Annual PROP Recycling Film Festival held at the annual conference of the Professional Recyclers of Pennsylvania in Lancaster, PA on July 25th.

"Ruby's Recycling Ruckus" features 10-year old Ruby and her family, who have a strong reuse, reduce and recycle ethic influenced by Ruby's Aunt, Amy Schirf, the Centre County Recycling and Refuse Authority Education Coordinator. The video was among 18 entries submitted to the FilmFest from California, Florida, Maryland, New York, North Carolina and Pennsylvania.

"Ruby's Recycling Ruckus" won the $500 First Prize sponsored by ReCommunity Recycling, a Charlotte, North Carolina-based firm with a zero-waste vision toward recovering recyclables.

"Composting: by Brendan Gard," submitted by the Chester County Solid Waste Authority," was the Second Place winner. Brendan's production features his brother Oliver, who explains the aspects of home composting and its important role in waste diversion and improving soil.

The Third Place finalist was produced by the Shaver's Creek Environmental Center in response to the Penn State University 12 Percent Energy Challenge. "Shaver's Creek Zero Waste Watch Participates in Penn State's 12% Energy Challenge" uses creative hand puppetry to demonstrate the various measures that the Shaver's Creek Environmental Center employs to meet the Challenge. The Second and Third-place winners will receive awards.

The Sixth Annual PROP Recycling Film Festival will be held at the July 2013 PROP Conference in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

Please visit the PROP website in the fall for additional details.


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