ECOvanta Achieves e-Stewards Certification For Electronics Recycling

Basel Action Network, an environmental organization and the creator of the e-Stewards certification, announced Thursday ECOvanta, the electronic waste (e-waste) recycling subsidiary of Covanta Energy Corporation located in Philadelphia, has achieved e-Stewards certification.

e-Stewards is the leading global certification designed to enable individuals and organizations to easily identify e-waste recyclers, asset recovery companies, processors and others that adhere to the highest standard of environmental responsibility and worker protection.

e-Stewards recyclers process all hazardous e-waste in developed countries, do not use municipal solid waste facilities, and do not use prison labor operations for hazardous materials. Further, they ensure that data found in customer hardware is fully protected from release.

The e-Stewards Certification is supported by over 70 environmental organizations, and more than 50 large business enterprises and cities including Bank of America, Boeing, Bloomberg, Nestle, San Francisco, Samsung and LG.

"We welcome ECOvanta into the growing ranks of truly responsible e-cyclers," said Jim Puckett, executive director of BAN. "Only certified e-Stewards recyclers ensure customers that their hazardous electronic waste is not exported to developing countries and will be recycled in accordance with the most secure practices in the world."

ECOvanta is a state-of-the-art recycling facility serving the e-waste recycling needs of communities, businesses and government organizations throughout the Mid-Atlantic, New York/New Jersey and New England regions. The facility recycles e-waste such as computers, monitors, mobile phones, printers and televisions.

It safely manages end-of-life electronics using a combination of manual disassembly and an automated shredding system to separate materials into commodities for recycling. ECOvanta also offers secure destruction services for customers who require assured and certified destruction of their electronic equipment.

"ECOvanta is proud to be named an e-Stewards certified electronic recycler," said Gordon Burgoyne, ECOvanta's director of e-waste business development. "These rigorous third-party audits ensure that e-waste is being handled responsibly. We are dedicated to going above and beyond to ensure that we are operating in the most sustainable and secure way possible."

For more information, visit the ECOvanta webpage.


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