Caren Glotfelty, Long-Time PA Environmental Leader, Leaving Heinz Endowments

On Thursday Caren Glotfelty, Director of Environmental Programs for the Heinz Endowments, announced she was leaving the foundation on August 7 after serving 13 years in the position.

In an email announcing her departure Glotfelty said, “The board has indicated that it is moving in a different direction with regard to the Environment Program and it is clear to me that this is the right moment to leave. I have been privileged to be part of The Heinz Endowments and very proud of all the grantees and partners who have worked so hard during my tenure to make the Pittsburgh region a better place.”

The email continued, “changes are taking place at the Heinz Endowments, and one of the results is that I will no longer be employed there. ... I apologize for the abruptness of the news, but I only learned about it late last week. ... While the news will naturally create feelings of uncertainty for the future of your individual and collaborative efforts, [Heinz Endowment employees] have your best interests at heart."

Glotfelty, 66, has been a real leader in Pennsylvania’s professional environmental community for many years.

After earning a master’s degree in regional planning from the University of Pennsylvania, Caren spent much of the early years of her career working in Pennsylvania and Maryland state government on policy and planning issues involving land use and water quality.

During Pennsylvania Gov. Robert Casey’s administration, she became the first deputy secretary of water management for the state Department of Environmental Resources. Subsequently, she held the Maurice K. Goddard Chair in Forestry and Environmental Resources at Pennsylvania State University.

Glotfelty has been honored many times for her career accomplishments, including being named co-chair of Gov. Tom Ridge’s 21st Century Environment Commission in 1998. She received a Three Rivers Environmental Award from the Pennsylvania Environmental Council in 2000; the Friend of Pennsylvania award from 10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania in 2004; and a Pennsylvanians Lighting the Way award from Gov. Ed Rendell and his wife, federal appeals Judge Marjorie O. Rendell, in 2005.


Caren Glotfelty Departs Heinz Endowments

Heinz Endowments Environmental Director Ousted


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