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Apply Now For 8 CFA Sewage, Water, Watershed, Recreation And Other Grants

The Commonwealth Financing Authority has begun accepting applications for 8 different grant programs to fund water and sewage system improvements, sewage system planning, watershed restoration, abandoned mine drainage abatement and treatment, orphan or abandoned well plugging, baseline water quality data monitoring, flood mitigation and greenways, trails and recreation programs.

These programs are funded in part by the Marcellus Shale Legacy Fund supported by fees on Marcellus Shale gas wells.

Updated program guidelines and application instructions are posted on the CFA website.  The programs include--

-- PA Small Water And Sewage Systems: Supports smaller projects to improve public water supply and sanitary sewer systems.  Applications due May 16.

-- Sewage Facilities Program: Funds sewage system improvements and provides grants for Act 537 planning.  Applications due July 21.

-- Abandoned Mine Drainage Abatement: Eligible applications cover projects to restore and maintain stream reaches impaired by abandoned mine drainage and ultimately, to remove these streams from the Department of Environmental Protection Impaired Waters list. Grants will not exceed $1 million and require a 15 percent match.   Applications due July 21.

-- Watershed Restoration Protection: Grants to restore and maintain stream reaches impaired by the uncontrolled discharge of nonpoint source polluted runoff and ultimately to remove these streams from the Department of Environmental Protection’s Impaired Waters list. Grants will not exceed $300,000 and require a 15 percent match. Applications due July 21.

-- Baseline Water Quality Data Program: Grants to use the scientific principles and practices for water sample collection and analysis to document existing groundwater quality conditions on private water supplies. Grants will not exceed $250,000 and require a 15 percent match. Applications due July 21.

-- Greenways, Trails and Recreation: Grants for the planning, acquisition, development, rehabilitation and repair of greenways, recreational trails, open space, parks and beautification projects. Grants will not exceed $250,000 and require a 50 percent match, except for applications from municipalities with a population of less than 5,000 which requires a 20 percent match. Applications due July 21.

-- Orphan or Abandoned Well Plugging: Grants to provide mechanisms to plug abandoned and orphaned wells that have the potential to cause health, safety or environmental concerns. Grants will not exceed $250,000. Applications due July 21.

-- Flood Mitigation Program: Grants for flood mitigation projects of up to $500,000 for any project. Eligible projects will have a total project cost of $50,000 or more and a maximum cost of $1,000,000. A 15 percent match of the total project cost is required. Match may be cash or non-cash and must be directly related to the approved scope of work.  Applications due July 21.

Eligible applicants for these programs include local governments, watershed organizations, for-profit businesses (other than producers of natural gas), councils of governments or other authorized organizations (any entity involved in research, restoration, rehabilitation, planning, acquisition, development, education or other activities, which furthers the protection, enhancement, conservation, preservation or enjoyment of this Commonwealth's environmental, conservation, recreation or similar resources).

Notify Your Legislators: If you plan to apply for funding under this program, PA Environment Digest strongly urges you to notify your local House and Senate member that you have applied and make sure they know how important it is to you.

"My administration is committed to protecting the environment and growing our economy without sacrificing one for the other," Gov. Tom Corbett said.  "Act 13 funding directed to the CFA will continue to provide important resources to local governments and state regulatory agencies to address environmental impacts and continue developing Marcellus Shale responsibly."

For more information, visit the Commonwealth Financing Authority website or call 1-866-466-3972 and talk with either Brian Eckert or Matthew Karnell.


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