Grants & Awards

This section gives you a heads up on upcoming deadlines for awards and grants and other recognition programs.  NEW means new from last week.

June 27-- SRBC Consumptive Use Mitigation Project Proposals

June 30-- Sustainable Energy Fund Zero Percent Financing Program

June 30-- DEP Alternative Fuel Vehicle Rebate Program

June 30-- PennDOT Multi-Modal Transportation Projects

June 30-- DCNR Wild Resource Conservation Grants

June 30-- PA Horticultural Society Gardening And Greening Contest

July 1-- Northeast PA Environmental Partners Leadership Awards

July 3-- PROP 2014 Recycling Film Festival

July 11-- DEP Growing Greener Watershed Restoration Grants

July 11-- CFA Alternative and Clean Energy Program

July 11-- CFA Renewable Energy Program

July 11-- CFA High Performance Building Program

July 14-- ARIPPA Abandoned Mine Reclamation Grants

July 21-- CFA Sewage Facilities Program

July 21-- CFA Abandoned Mine Drainage Abatement

July 21-- CFA Watershed Restoration Protection

July 21-- CFA Baseline Water Quality Data Program

July 21-- CFA Greenways, Trails and Recreation

July 21-- CFA Orphan or Abandoned Well Plugging

July 21-- CFA Flood Mitigation Program

August 15-- DEP Section 902 Recycling Grants

August 15-- PA Energy Development Authority Clean Energy Funding

August 15-- PA House Authority Marcellus Housing Funding RFP

September 3-- PPFF 2014 Photo Contest

September 19-- NEW. Southeast PA TreeVitalize Watershed Grants

September 22-- CFA Alternative and Clean Energy Program

September 22-- CFA Renewable Energy Program

September 22-- CFA High Performance Building Program

October 31-- Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Digital Photo Contest

October 31-- PRC Lens On Litter Photo Contest

-- Visit the DEP Grants and Loan Programs webpage for more ideas on how to get financial assistance for environmental projects.

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