Congratulations To Bert Schwartz, 20 Years With The PA Resources Council

The PA Resources Council  would like to congratulate Bert Schwartz on his 20 year anniversary with PRC!

Bert joined PRC in 1994 to help with the renovations at what would become PRC's Eastern Office Headquarters at Ridley Creek State Park in Newtown Square. Since that time, Bert has seen many changes at PRC and, as maintenance supervisor, has helped to oversee many of them.

Some of the more notable projects that Bert remembers are those that helped the Eastern Office become an Environmental Living Demonstration Center. He recounts that in 1997 a new roof was installed using recycled plastic and rubber shingles to mimic the look of real slate and in 1999 the driveway was paved with rubber modified asphalt, which is made using recycled tires.

Other improvements included the installation of the building's recycled carpet, the transition to energy efficient lighting, the installation over 80 new energy efficient windows, and the construction of the solar panel array.

When not at PRC, Bert serves as a guide at Christ Church and Burial Ground in Philadelphia. Bert gives tours of the church and the burial ground whose famous congregation included George Washington and 15 signers of the Declaration of Independence counting Benjamin Franklin, who is also buried there.

Bert is happy to be celebrating his 20th anniversary in the same year that PRC is celebrating its 75th anniversary and he looks forward to seeing what new changes the future will bring for PRC.

Thank you, Bert for your hard work and dedication! Happy Anniversary!


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