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Keep PA Beautiful: PA Could See Record-Breaking Dumping Of Electronics Waste

In a letter to all House and Senate members Thursday, Keep Pennsylvania Beautiful said 2016 could be a “record-breaking year for abandoned and dumped electronics” if Pennsylvania’s electronics recycling law isn’t fixed.

“It seems every week we learn of another electronics collection program closing down, leaving a growing number of PA residents without access to recycling options for their outdated electronic consumer goods,” said KPB President Shannon Reiter.

“I urge you to review DEP’s Report to the General Assembly on the Covered Device Recycling Act (CDRA) 2014. The Report outlines the current challenges with the law and its impact on consumers, local municipalities and so many more,” said Reiter.

A copy of the letter is available online.

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Sign up now for the 2016 Great American Cleanup of PA and set up your own cleanup and beautification event from March 1 to May 31.

For information on Pennsylvania’s electronics recycling program, visit DEP’s Covered Device Recycling Act webpage.


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