Wild Excellence Films To Tell The Story Of The Flight 93 National Memorial

Wild Excellence Films Tuesday announced it is working on a new project with the non-profit organization Friends of Flight 93 National Memorial in Somerset County to educate visitors and the general public about the Memorial to encourage a more meaningful visitor experience. 

The high-definition short film will feature National Park Service rangers narrating the story of the heroic crew and passengers of Flight 93 on September 11, 2001; explain the significance of architectural and landscape design elements at the Memorial; and discuss the ongoing restoration of the 2,200-acre site.

“I think many people are unaware of what all the Memorial offers visitors. They know what it signifies, but not that much about all of the work that has been done on the site in the last 15 years. The landscape features, Memorial Plaza, Visitor Center, and habitat restoration all help to tell the story of that day and the story of the site moving forward,” said Melissa Rohm, filmmaker and cofounder of WEF. “Once someone discovers the meaning behind something like the walkway design or a grove of trees, their visit can become that much more special.”

Flight 93 National Memorial is the final resting place of the forty passengers and crew of Flight 93. The site is operated by the National Park Service. The Friends of Flight 93 National Memorial is the official charitable partner of Flight 93 National Memorial.

“We are honored to be working with the Friends of Flight 93 National Memorial and the National Park Service on this project,” said David Rohm, filmmaker and cofounder of WEF. “Every time we film at the Memorial, we feel a sense of peace and inspiration. It is a place of reverence and renewal, a truly beautiful tribute to the passengers and crew. We look forward to telling its story.”

The video is expected to be ready for release in the summer of 2017.

Wild Excellence Films, founded by David and Melissa Rohm, specializes in wildlife, nature, public lands, and conservation media. Their films tell compelling stories for nonprofits, state and national parks, and conservation organizations.

One of their other projects, Cathedral: The Fight to Save the Ancient Hemlocks of Cook Forest, is nearing completion, and their short film for Allegheny Land Trust is in production.

For more information, visit the Wild Excellence Films website or send email to: wildexcellencefilms@comcast.net.


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