DEP Northwest Regional Office Building Receives Energy Star Label Certification

The Department of Environmental Protection and the Meadville Redevelopment Authority Friday announced they have received Energy Star Label Certification for the Victor C. Leap office building at 230 Chestnut Street in Meadville.

The Victor C. Leap Commonwealth Office Building is an approximate 63,000 square foot building and is owned by the Meadville Redevelopment Authority. Its sole occupant is home to DEP’s Northwest Regional Office with approximately 200 office and field staff based there.

The building was constructed in 1994 and has been continuously occupied by the DEP since opening. Early attempts to benchmark data going back to the late 1990’s showed an Energy Star rating in the low 50’s on a scale of 1-100.   As of April 2016, the current Energy Star score is 93.

The MRA worked in conjunction with DEP to identify and prioritize energy improvement projects such as lighting, HVAC zone controls and balancing, and replacing a 30kW humidifier with a natural gas humidifier resulting in the Energy Star Label Certification.

To attain Energy Star certification, the building must be in the top 25 percent in energy efficiency. In addition, Energy Star certified office buildings use 35 percent less energy, generate 35 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions, and cost 50 cents less per square foot to operate.

From its beginning in 1992, the Energy Star Program has helped identify and promote energy efficiency in products, homes and building nationwide.

For more information, visit EPA’s Energy Star webpage.


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