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Berwick Nuclear Power Plant Shutdown Automatically, Cause Under Investigation

At 3:28 p.m., on Thursday, June 8, Unit 1 at the Susquehanna Nuclear Power Plant in Luzerne County automatically shut down. The cause of the incident is still under investigation.

"This event did not pose any risk to the public and the plant's equipment and personnel responded appropriately to the situation," said Brad Berryman, Site Vice President. "There were no injuries or damage to plant equipment as a result of the automatic shutdown."

Susquehanna has activated its Outage Control Center, which has been staffed and will maintain around the clock operation while the incident is thoroughly investigated.

"Once Susquehanna's nuclear professionals have determined the cause, the team will develop a plan to ensure the unit's safe return to service," said Berryman. "Unit 2 continues to operate normally and at full rated power."

As additional information becomes available and when the unit returns to service, Susquehanna will issue a subsequent public release.

"Susquehanna is committed to communicating with our neighbors and our primary focus will always be safe operations," said Berryman

The Susquehanna plant, located about seven miles north of Berwick, is owned jointly by Susquehanna Nuclear LLC and Allegheny Electric Cooperative Inc. and is operated by Susquehanna Nuclear.

Susquehanna Nuclear LLC is one of Talen Energy Corporation's generating affiliates. Talen Energy is one of the largest competitive energy and power generation companies in the United States.

For more information on the plant, visit the Susquehanna Nuclear Power Plant website.


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[Posted: June 9, 2017]


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