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PA Resources Council Offers 5 Green New Year's Resolutions For 2018

The PA Resources Council offers 5 easy ways to reduce your environmental impact throughout the coming year:

-- Avoid Toxins In Your Home: Switch to green cleaning products, which are safer for you, your children and your pets.  Click Here to learn more.   

-- Learn More About Your Environment: Attend a composting or rain barrel workshop and/or enjoy PRC’s “Wild and Scenic Film Fest” to learn how everyday decisions impact the environment.  Click Here to learn more.

-- Become A More Savvy Consumer: Think about your purchases and how they impact the environment.  Ask questions such as:  Do I “need” this item?  Can I purchase a comparable item with less packaging?  Is a refurbished option available?   Click Here to learn more.  

-- Make Reuse A Household Word: Whether you find a new way to use something you already own or you make a commitment to donating items you no longer need, “reuse” makes lasting environmental, social and economic impacts.  Live by the principle throughout the year – and attend PRC’s annual “ReuseFest” on Earth Day.  Click Here to learn more.   

-- Share With Your Friends: You don’t need to become an environmental crusader…but by sharing stories about how you consider your environment in daily life, you help others to recognize the many available opportunities.  Take advantage of spending time with friends by volunteering together for an environmental project or event.  Click Here for more.

For more information on programs, initiatives and special events, visit the PA Resources Council website.  Click Here to sign up for regular updates, follow PRC on Twitter or Like them on FacebookClick Here for PRC’s Events Calendar.  Click Here to support their work.

[Posted: Dec. 21, 2017]


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