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Fix A Leak Week: PA American Water Reminds Customers Saving Water Saves Money

PA American Water Monday announced its partnership with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to promote Fix a Leak Week, which runs from March 19-25.

The national campaign, part of the EPA’s WaterSense Program, helps to raise awareness about small leaks and what homeowners can do to avoid inadvertently wasting water around the house.

“Most people might not realize that even the smallest leaks can waste thousands of gallons per year, which impacts their water bills,” said Jimmy Sheridan, vice president of operations for Pennsylvania American Water. “For the customers we serve in Pennsylvania, it translates to collectively up to 6 billion gallons of water being lost to leaks annually. Fortunately, most common leaks are easily correctable.”

With more than 110 million households in this country, a seemingly minor leak from a faucet, showerhead, toilet, or other appliance can collectively result in a tremendous amount of wasted water.

With the average residence losing 10,000 gallons a year, this means that more than a trillion gallons of water are lost annually nationwide through leaks occurring within homes.

To assist customers with household leak repairs and prevention, the company has produced a helpful infographic, including tips on finding and fixing indoor and outdoor water leaks. The infographic is posted on its Facebook page.

A downloadable leak detection kit is also available through the American Water website.

In addition, a video about “The Silent Leak” highlights household leaks and how to fix them and is posted on YouTube.

Sheridan said Pennsylvania American Water is committed to fixing leaks by replacing or upgrading water infrastructure in order to provide clean, safe, reliable water to customers, investing between $250 million - $300 million annually in infrastructure improvements.

Visit the American Water Wise Water Use webpage.  For more information on water issues in its service territories, visit the PA American Water website.


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[Posted: March 19, 2018]


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