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UGI Energy Efficiency Program Saves State Prison In Luzerne $16,000 In Annual Electricity Costs

UGI presented an Energy Efficiency and Conservation rebate check Thursday to the Department of Corrections for installing new lighting equipment at State Correctional Institution-- SCI-Retreat, located in Hunlock Creek, Luzerne County.

SCI-Retreat received the rebate, totaling $17,341.68, through the Custom Program provision of UGI’s Electric EE&C Program. SCI-Retreat converted 47 of their perimeter security lighting stations to LED lighting.

The project is expected to save SCI-Retreat more than 144,500 kilowatts of electric usage annually, with a reduction of nearly $16,000 on their annual electric bill.

“UGI is pleased to provide this check to the Department of Corrections for the investment made at SCI-Retreat,” Robert Stoyko, UGI vice president of customer relations, said.

“Installation of innovative, energy efficiency technology at this government facility and other similar projects at state facilities across UGI’s service territory translates to taxpayer savings.”

This LED project is the second phase of SCI-Retreat’s lighting retrofit. The first phase converted 21 perimeter security lighting stations to LED lighting in 2016.

“Energy Incentive projects like this are very helpful in an environment of operating budgets that are constantly scrutinized,” Kip Tutorow, Corrections Facility Maintenance Manager II, said. “The long-term savings coupled with the rebates that are provided strengthens the justification for the purchase of modern energy-efficient equipment. The lighting upgrade at SCI Retreat not only reduces our energy consumption but creates a safer and more secure work environment. It was a pleasure working with UGI throughout this project. Their staff was very helpful and made the application submittal process very easy.”

The UGI EE&C program is designed to achieve lower energy usage and lower overall costs for customers.

The program includes residential customer rebates for fuel switching from electric to natural gas for space heating, water heating and clothes drying and a recycling program for older refrigerators and freezers.

Residential and commercial customers are eligible for rebate programs that include fuel switching from electric to natural gas water heaters and the installation of high-efficiency electric appliances.

Commercial customers are eligible for rebates for combined heat and power projects, as well as custom projects such a lighting retrofits.

UGI also offers an EE&C program focused on natural gas efficiency. UGI’s Gas EE&C program is available for customers of UGI Utilities Inc. – Gas Division and UGI Penn Natural Gas.

For more information on this and other energy savings programs for homes or businesses, visit UGI’s Save Smart webpage.


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[Posted: May 25, 2018]


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