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PA's Weis Markets Receives Platinum EPA Greenchill Certification For Reducing Refrigerant Emissions

Sunbury-based Weis Markets' Randolph, NJ store has received a platinum level GreenChill certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for reducing in-store refrigerant usage.

This is Weis Markets first store to utilize an innovative CO2 refrigerant system.

The store’s CO2 refrigerant system helps it avoid annual refrigerant emissions equivalent to an estimated 673 tons of carbon dioxide versus using traditional refrigerants, which have a significantly higher global warming potential.

The Company now has 11 GreenChill certified stores. GreenChill is an EPA partnership with food retailers to reduce refrigerant emissions and decrease their impact on the ozone layer and climate change.

“Over the past decade, we have steadily upgraded our in-store sustainability program which has helped us reduce our company’s overall carbon footprint by 20 percent,” said R. Kevin Small, Weis Markets’ Vice President, Construction and Store Development. “Our new CO2 refrigerant system will help our Randolph store annually avoid emitting the equivalent of 673 tons of carbon dioxide –comparable to removing 142 passenger vehicles from the road. Working with GreenChill has been a key part of our program. This GreenChill certification also highlights the contributions of our store and development associates who help us implement and monitor our program to reduce refrigerant usage.”  

"Weis Markets continues with GreenChill Partnership leadership through a commitment to consistent store certifications," said Tom Land, manager of the EPA's GreenChill Partnership Program. "The team at Weis Markets is demonstrating that a focus on responsible refrigerant management is good for the environment and helps reduce operating costs."

The Randolph store’s other sustainable features include: demand response programs to reduce power load during peak days and the store’s load on the power grid; LED lighting which reduces energy usage and has lower maintenance costs; low-flow devices to support water conservation efforts; enclosed refrigeration cases to reduce energy use; and polished concrete floors which do not require chemical cleaning solvents.

For more information on its environmental initiatives, visit the Weis Markets Sustainability webpage and review Weis Sustainability 2017: Together We Make a Difference.


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[Posted: Sept. 26, 2018]


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