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New RiverStewards Blog Posts Support Susquehanna River Student Storytelling Project

The RiverStewards organization is working with students at Millersville University on Susquehanna Storytelling-- a series of blog articles, videos, and other means of educating people on what makes the Susquehanna River so special and important to the economy, the environment, and to our quality of life.

In the most recent post, student Kyle Steffish interviewed staff at Susquehanna Heritage, the organization that is spearheading the effort to get National Heritage Corridor designation for the Susquehanna River.  The article said in part--

“The potential exists here, if we preserve the right places, enhance the right places, and promote it the right way to create a destination for people to come and both immerse themselves in history and access the outdoors in fun ways-- through trails, parks, and preserves,” said Mark Platts, President of Susquehanna Heritage.

Three other posts in this series include--

-- Susquehanna Stories - Millersville Students Float To Write - Prof. Justin Mando, Millersville

-- What Is Environmental Advocacy? - Millersville Student Maddie Giardina

-- The Treasure Of The Susquehanna Video - Millersville Student Gabrielle Redcay

Click Here to check the RiverStewards Blog for more in stories in the Susquehanna Storytelling project.

Stories Invited

If you are a college professor located at an institute of higher learning within the Susquehanna River watershed and would like to have your students involved in Susquehanna Storytelling, please contact Jessica Aiello by sending email to:

RiverStewards is a consortium of educational institutions, private sector companies, non-profit organizations, communities, government agencies and individuals working to conserve one of our most significant ecological, economic and recreational resources in central Pennsylvania, the Susquehanna River.

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