20th Anniversary Of Natural Gas Competition In PA Highlighted By PUC

On June 13, the Public Utility Commission highlighted the 20th Anniversary of The Natural Gas Choice and Competition Act, which gave residential and business customers the ability to purchase gas from independent suppliers.

“Today, we highlight a significant milestone in the ongoing evolution of the Commonwealth’s competitive energy markets,” said PUC Chairman Gladys Brown Dutrieuille.  “We have come a long way in the last 20 years.  More than three million Pennsylvanians now receive natural gas service, and more than 435,000 customers currently get their natural gas supply from competitive natural gas suppliers – accounting for nearly half of Pennsylvania’s total load of natural gas usage.”

In her statement, Chairman Brown Dutrieuille noted that the Commission continues to place great emphasis on continuing to educate consumers and promote gas competition – which includes detailed information and competitive offers found on the PUC’s standalone website, www.PAGasSwitch.com (PAGasSwitch).

“PAGasSwitch further enhances the ability of online natural gas shopping customers.  In just two short years as a standalone site, PAGasSwitch saw an increase of approximately 150% in both total and unique visitors – and a nearly 350 percent increase in website ‘sign up’ clicks for shoppers looking to enroll with suppliers.”

Chairman Brown Dutrieuille also lauded the ongoing work of the PUC’s Office of Competitive Market Oversight (OCMO) in promoting the development of competitive markets and facilitating resolution of disputes between natural gas distribution companies, suppliers and customers.

“It was the investigative ‘leg work’ by OCMO that helped generate consumer protection regulations requiring more informative supplier disclosure statements as well as more timely information on contract renewal and change in terms notices, and proposed technical changes (in the marketplace),” said Chairman Brown Dutrieuille.

“As with other major undertakings, it is important to thank all the people who make this process work – PUC staff, consumer advocates, our natural gas distribution companies, the supplier community and other key stakeholders.  Rest assured, this Commission will continue its work to ensure a fair and robust marketplace for all energy customers,” she concluded.

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[Posted: June 13, 2019]


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