PRPS Celebrated Park & Recreation Professionals Day On July 19!

It’s a safe bet we can all agree on the following. That when:

-- You visit a park, it is clean, safe, and ready to use.

-- Your family goes swimming, the lifeguards are well-trained and the water quality is optimal.

-- Your grandchild visits the playground, you know it is maintained to all safety standards.

-- Your loved one with a disability wants to camp, swim, paddle or fish, all facilities are well-marked, well-maintained and easily accessible.

-- You attend a public festival, all safety and security systems are capable and functioning.

-- Your elderly parents look for enriching and companionable activities, they can always find them.

-- Your children attend day camp, you are certain of their safe and appropriate physical, cognitive and social development.

-- You visit urban woodlands, gardens and greenspaces, the attractive assets are well-cared for and healthy.

-- Your teens participate in youth sports, they thrive in the coaching, playing, and growing.

-- You want to bike to the park, grocery store, library or work, you are able to make those connections, free from all hazards.

What is a park without those who keep them safe, clean and ready to use? Who brings life-enriching services to all ages and abilities?

Park and recreation professionals and their volunteer cohorts. That’s who!

On July 19, we celebrated the normally unsung services of some 8,000 Pennsylvania park and recreation professionals, along with thousands of other volunteers who contribute to our wellbeing by serving on Boards, Committees, Commissions, Friends, Neighborhoods, Trails and other groups, by visiting a park on the first ever Pennsylvania Park and Recreation Professionals Day.

Pennsylvanians are blessed to own more than 6,000 community parks and 12,000 miles of trails in every nook and county, and 121 (award-winning!) state parks, with one within 25 miles of nearly every resident.

And along with them are countless playgrounds, pools, beaches, campsites, marinas, picnic areas, athletic fields, skate parks, dog parks, festival venues, gardens, visitor centers, historic and cultural attractions, and many other recreational facilities and amenities.

The healthful value and relative importance that Pennsylvanians place on their parks and natural areas is shown in the fact that, although Pennsylvania is the 33rd largest state, only Alaskans and Californians have more park land.

Pennsylvania Park and Recreation Professionals Day is coordinated by the Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society to honor those who plan, provide, and operate our parks, trails, programs and facilities for all our citizens.

Visit a favorite or nearby park to bask in its all its many benefits, as well as show a little appreciation to the programmers, managers, maintainers, landscapers, facilitators, lifeguards, coaches, event organizers and caretakers who enhance the experience for all of us.

For more information on programs, initiatives, upcoming events and training opportunities, visit the PA Recreation and Park Society website.  Like them on Facebook,  Follow them on Twitter, visit their YouTube Channel, and find them on InstagramClick Here to support their work.

(Photo: Park & Recreation Professionals from: Top - PRPS, Berks County, Bottom- Philadelphia, Mercer County.)

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[Posted: July 19, 2019]


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