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Senate/House Agenda/Session Schedule

Here are the Senate and House Calendars for the next voting session day and Committees scheduling action on bills of interest as well as a list of new environmental bills introduced--

Bill Calendars

NEW: Likely Floor Votes On House Bills This Week From House Republicans

House (November 18):  House Bill 247 (Oberlander-R-Clarion) to allow cross unit unconventional drilling and authorizes voluntary pooling; House Bill 827 (Fritz-R-Wayne) requiring the Delaware River Basin Commission to reimburse property owners for drilling rights if the Commission adopts a ban on fracking was reported from the House Appropriations Committee (House Fiscal Note and summary); House Bill 1106 (Puskaric-R-Allegheny) requires DEP approval of any permit regulating air quality, waste, erosion and sedimentation and dam safety and encroachments within 30 days without regard to public review of permits, creates a new bureaucracy in the form of a “referee” to decide disputes between DEP and applicants over application completeness (Part of House Republican EnergizePA natural gas subsidy package) Click Here for more. <> Click Here for full House Bill Calendar.

Senate (November 18): Senate Bill 258 (Dinniman- D-Chester, Killion-R-Delaware), a bipartisan initiative to improve emergency response to pipeline incidents; Senate Bill 284 (Killion-R- Delaware, Dinniman-D-Chester) require pipeline companies to provide current emergency response plans to PUC; Senate Bill 596 (Mensch-R-Montgomery) designed to promote the development of clean transportation infrastructure to support electric, natural gas and hydrogen vehicles; Senate Bill 726 (Bartolotta-R- Washington) which would create a new standard for the review for appeals of DEP permit actions before the Environmental Hearing Board by limiting parties appealing permit decisions-- a company or a citizens group-- to issues raised in and information contained in a record of decision on each permit DEP staff would have to prepare, Click Here for more.; Senate Bill 727 (Bartolotta-R- Washington), a companion bill to Senate Bill 726, would change the term of an Environmental Hearing Board judge from 6 to 5 years and limited judges to serving 2 terms, Click Here for more.; Senate Bill 891 (Yaw-R-Lycoming) authorizing third party review of Chapter 102 (erosion and sedimentation) and Chapter 105 (dam safety and encroachment) permit applications which will make DEP’s permit reviews more complex and costly, Click Here for more.; House Bill 1410 (Stephens-R-Montgomery) would use local funds which would otherwise pay state taxes for cleaning up PFAS contamination, rather than relying on responsible parties to pay for cleanups (Senate Fiscal Note & Summary).  <> Click Here for full Senate Bill Calendar.

Committee Meetings  This Week

House: The Children & Youth Committee meets to consider House Bill 79 (Isaacson-D- Philadelphia) requiring the testing of lead for children age 1 and 2 (sponsor summary); the Agriculture and Rural Affairs Committee will hold an informational meeting on conservation district operations and activities; the Urban Affairs Committee meets to consider House Bill 1737 (A.Davis-D-Allegheny) providing an exemption for land banks under the Land Recycling and Environmental Remediations Standards Act (Act 2) (sponsor summary).  <>  Click Here for full House Committee Schedule.

Senate: The Rules & Executive Nominations Committee meets to consider Senate Bill 147 (Laughlin-R- Erie) providing for Sunday hunting on concurrence from the House; the Appropriations Committee meets to consider Senate Bill 596 (Mensch-R-Montgomery) encouraging the development of clean transportation infrastructure. Click Here for more.   <>  Click Here for full Senate Committee Schedule.

Bills Pending In Key Committees

Check the PA Environmental Council Bill Tracker for the status and updates on pending state legislation and regulations that affect environmental and conservation efforts in Pennsylvania.

House and Senate Co-Sponsorship Memos

House: Click Here for all new co-sponsorship memos

Senate: Click Here for all new co-sponsorship memos

Session Schedule

Here is the latest voting session schedule for the Senate and House--


November 18, 19, 20, 21

December 16, 17, 18


November 18, 19, 20, 21

December 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18 


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