Join The Sustainable Pittsburgh Shop Designation Program And Build Your Business

Are you a business owner who cares about sustainability? Studies show that more and more consumers prefer shopping with environmentally and socially-conscious businesses.

Sustainable Pittsburgh Shop offers a FREE self-assessment that assists businesses in Western Pennsylvania achieve their sustainability goals. We believe when you implement actions that are good for the environment and neighbors, it is good for your bottom line as well.

This program is designed with small retail or “mom-and-pop” small businesses in mind. To derive the maximum benefit from the new Sustainable Pittsburgh Shop program, participating businesses should:

-- Have at least one established storefront location in southwestern Pennsylvania or is a purveyor of goods produced in southwestern Pennsylvania

-- Have no more than 50 locations nationwide

-- Have 0-50 employees at each participating location

-- Be an independently owned business

-- Derive at least 75 percent of revenues from offerings not including tobacco, gasoline, and/or pornographic material

-- Not sell automatic firearms

By completing the Sustainable Pittsburgh Shop designation, a business:

-- Identifies cost saving opportunities

-- Gains free advertising

-- Attracts new customers

-- Builds a vibrant community

-- Improves environmental quality

-- Generates positive public recognition

Click Here for more information.   If you would like us to walk you through the process, send an email to: to schedule a free in-person consultation.

Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant

If your business is a food service establishment, please follow this link to apply for designation as a Sustainable Pittsburgh Restaurant.

For more information on programs, initiatives and upcoming events, visit the Sustainable Pittsburgh website.  Click Here to sign up for regular updates. Like them on Facebook, Follow them on TwitterClick Here to support their work.

To learn more about green innovation in the Pittsburgh Region, visit the Pittsburgh Green Story website.


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[Posted: January 13, 2020]


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