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A Pandemic Isn’t A License To Litter

The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, Army Corps of Engineers, county and local agencies that have kept their trails, forests and recreation areas open to the public are now facing a new problem-- an increase in littering.

Agencies are posting photos of cans, bottles, hand sanitizer wipes and other detris park and trail users have left behind in their rush to get outside and away from the worries of COVID-19 for a few hours.

It is well known that forests and natural areas and outdoor exercise has many physical and mental health benefits and that’s why folks are outside.

The value of our recreation and hiking areas has only increased because of the coronavirus outbreak.

If you litter, you’re ruining the experience for the next person.

Don’t be afraid to tell someone you see littering to quit it…. as long as you’re six feet away.

A Pandemic Isn’t A License To Litter.    Leave No Trace!

For the latest information on the coronavirus and precautions to take in Pennsylvania, visit the Department of Health’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) webpage, Follow them on Twitter, or Like them on Facebook.


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[Posted: March 29, 2020]


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