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10,000 Friends Of Pennsylvania Seeking Nominations For 2020 Commonwealth Awards

Nominations are now being accepted by 10,000 Friends Of Pennsylvania for the 2020 Commonwealth Awards to recognize smart growth development leadership and projects in the state.  The deadline for nominations is July 31.

Through the Commonwealth Awards, 10,000 Friends recognizes private sector and public sector development projects and initiatives that exemplify and contribute to healthy, resilient, and vibrant communities, exemplify our mission principles, and demonstrate innovation and excellence in smart growth and resilience.

10,000 Friends encourages the submission of both large- and small-scale plans and projects, from urban and suburban to rural development and redevelopment projects and municipal plans.

Click Here for past Commonwealth Award winners.

Projects and plans should be completed within the last 5 years in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and no later than September 30, 2020. If phased construction, at least 50% of the total project must be completed.

Click Here for all the details on how to submit a nomination.

For more information on programs, initiatives and upcoming events, visit the 10,000 Friends Of Pennsylvania website.

[Posted: May 26, 2020]


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