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Bills On Governor's Desk

The following bills were given final approval by the Senate and House and are now on the Governor's desk for action--

General Fund Budget: House Bill 2387 (Saylor-R-York) providing for a five month General Fund budget through the end of November and deferring hard decisions until after the election (House Fiscal Note & Summary).  Read more here.  Signed into law.

Fiscal Code: House Bill 1083 (Sankey-R- Clearfield) providing for a continued ban on local ordinances banning single-use plastic bags and containers, transfers to and from the Marcellus Legacy Fund, Environmental Stewardship Fund, Hazardous Sites Cleanup Fund and other provisions (Senate Fiscal Note & Summary). Read more here.  Signed into law.

On-Lot Septic Systems: Senate Bill 1030-- to allow for the expanded use of alternate on-lot sewage systems for planning purposes (Senate Fiscal Note & Summary).  Read more here.


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