Scrapbook Photo 09/19/20 - Will SB 1272 Be Funded In Time To Help Pay For On-Farm Conservation Measures Before Nov. 30?
Bills On Governor's Desk

The following bills were given final approval by the Senate and House and are now on the Governor's desk for action--

General Fund Budget: House Bill 2387 (Saylor-R-York) providing for a five month General Fund budget through the end of November and deferring hard decisions until after the election (House Fiscal Note & Summary).  Read more here.  Signed into law.

Fiscal Code: House Bill 1083 (Sankey-R- Clearfield) providing for a continued ban on local ordinances banning single-use plastic bags and containers, transfers to and from the Marcellus Legacy Fund, Environmental Stewardship Fund, Hazardous Sites Cleanup Fund and other provisions (Senate Fiscal Note & Summary). Read more here.  Signed into law.

On-Lot Septic Systems: Senate Bill 1030-- to allow for the expanded use of alternate on-lot sewage systems for planning purposes (Senate Fiscal Note & Summary).  Read more here.


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