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Hundreds Of Thousands Oppose Cuts In Local Recreation, Conservation Project Funding

Last week hunting, angler, conservation, environmental and recreation groups representing hundreds of thousands of Pennsylvanians from every corner of the Commonwealth have come together to oppose efforts to cut funding dedicated by law and voter referendums to community-driven recreation, conservation and environmental restoration projects to balance the state's budget.

Specifically, these groups are calling on House and Senate members and Gov. Wolf to maintain funding for the Keystone Recreation Park & Conservation Fund and the Environmental Stewardship Fund.

They point out the value and vitality of the $26.9 billion outdoor industry in Pennsylvania was clearly demonstrated during the past year as many public lands experienced 100 percent to 200 percent increases in use - with some parks seeing as much as a 400 percent increase - as people sought a calm escape from the pressures of the COVID pandemic.

They also point to the demonstrated fact these projects all benefit local small businesses and provide a very much needed economic boost to their communities that need this help now, in addition to their many recreation, flood protection and clean water benefits.

Here are just a few of the letters these groups have written to legislators and the Governor expressing their views in time to have an impact on the state budget--

-- Growing Greener Coalition: 93% Of Pennsylvanians Say We Have A Moral Obligation To Care For Our Environment - Don’t Cut Dedicated Funding

-- Growing Greener Coalition Urges General Assembly, Governor To Reject Any Budget Proposal That Undermines Dedicated Funding For Community-Driven Conservation Projects

-- 13 Hunting, Angler Groups Urge Senate, House Members, Gov. Wolf To Maintain Local Conservation Project Funding Critical To Stewardship Of Wildlife Resources, Public Lands

-- Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership: 3 Reasons PA Officials Should Not Drain Conservation Funds To Balance The Budget - Act Now

-- PA Federation Of Sportsmen & Conservationists: Protect Dedicated State Funds Critical To Improve Habitat, Protect Wildlife In PA

-- CBF: Raiding Dedicated Conservation Funds To Plug The State's Budget Gap Would Further Damage PA's Environment

-- PA Environmental Council: Protect Investment In Outdoor Recreation And Public Lands 

-- Op-Ed: Protect Our Investment In Outdoor Recreation - PA Environmental Council

-- PA Parks & Forests Foundation Opposes Any Effort To Cut Dedicated Funds To Support State Park, Forest, Recreation Projects 

-- Op-Ed: Protecting Critical Funding For Outdoor Recreation - PA Parks & Forests Foundation

-- WeConservePA: State Conservation Funding Commitments Deliver Economic Benefits

-- David Hess,  Former Secretary, PA Department of Environmental Protection under Governors Tom Ridge and Mark Schweiker

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[Posted: November 19, 2020]


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