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House Republicans Reintroduce Bill To Kill Regulations By Doing Nothing

On January 12, House Republican Leader Kerry Benninghoff (R-Mifflin) made it clear in a press conference eliminating state regulations on businesses would be a key part of the House Republican agenda in the new session.

The first of several proposals to do just that was introduced January 11-- House Bill 72 (Keefer-R-York) which allows the General Assembly to kill regulations by doing nothing.

The bill was referred to the House Environmental Resources and Energy Committee which leaves no doubt the agency they are targeting with this legislation.

The bill would require legislative approval of any economically significant final regulation or final-omitted regulation that has an impact of $1 million or more on a regulated community. 

In order for a final regulation approved by the Independent Regulatory Review Commission to go into effect, the Senate and House would have to adopt a concurrent resolution approving the regulation. 

If one or both of the chambers failed to act, the final regulation would be deemed NOT approved and would be prohibited from taking effect.

This bill was introduced as House Bill 806 (Keefer-R-York)-- which passed the House last session-- and Senate Bill 5 (DiSanto-R-Dauphin) which was approved by two Senate Committees and was on the Senate Calendar for final action when the legislative session ended. Read more here.

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House Republican 2021 Environmental/Energy Agenda:

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[Posted: January 12, 2021]


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