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Dangers Posed By Oil & Gas Drilling Wastes, Abandoned Wells + Siri Lawson’s Story From Warren County

Last week there were articles published from several sources on the dangers posed by oil and gas drilling wastes and abandoned wells.  Here they are in one place--

-- Altoona Mirror Editorial: Natural Gas Drillers Put Their Industry Over Your Health

-- SW PA Environmental Health Project: Siri Lawson, Warren County, And Her Story Of Dealing With Health Impacts From Drilling Operation, Wastes - Part 1

-- SW PA Environmental Health Project: Siri Lawson, Warren County, And Road Dumping Of Drilling Wastewater - Part 2

-- Public Herald: Ohio Operates A Radioactive Industry Off The Record From PA, Ohio Oil & Gas Drilling Waste - Part 1

-- Public Herald: Investigation Uncovers Ohio Is ‘Illegally’ Building Radioactive Mountains, Affecting 26 Waterways From PA, Ohio Oil & Gas Drilling Waste - Part 2

-- Ohio Capital Journal: Feds And States Not Taking Radioactivity From Fracking Seriously, Environmental Group Says

-- NRDC: Regulation Is Too Weak For Radioactive Oil And Gas Drilling Wastewater Other Waste  [PaEN]

-- DEP: To Require Radiological Testing Of Leachate At Landfills, Including Those Accepting Drilling Wastes; Does Not Include Additional Testing Of Drilling Wastewater  [PaEN]

-- Sen. Muth, Rep. Innamorato: Call On DEP To Close Loopholes In Regulation Of Oil & Gas Industry Waste As Hazardous Waste

-- Ohio River Valley Institute: Poll Finds PA Voters Want Tougher Regulation Of Natural Gas Drilling Wastes; Support Community Regulation Of Drilling; Favor Clean Energy Sources  [PaEN]

 -- FracTracker Alliance: Releases Digital Atlas Showing The Impacts Of Natural Gas Development In Lycoming Creek Watershed  [PaEN]

-- AP: Forgotten Oil & Gas Wells Linger, Leaking Toxic Chemicals  [PA Included]

-- Natural Resources Defense Council: Millions Of Leaky And Abandoned Oil & Gas Wells Are Threatening Lives And The Climate  [PA Included]


Delaware RiverKeeper: Aug. 18 Webinar- Radioactivity In Fracking - Too Hot To Handle With Scientist/Author Justin Nobel

The Delaware RiverKeeper Network is hosting an August 18 webinar Radioactivity In Fracking - Too Hot To Handle with scientist and author Justin Nobel from 7:00 to 8:00 p.m.

In 2020, Justin Nobel wrote an expose of fracking’s radioactivity, in particular in the wastewater and other wastes produced by natural gas drilling.  [Read more here]

“There is little public awareness of this enormous waste stream, the disposal of which could present dangers at every step — from being transported along America’s highways in unmarked trucks; handled by workers who are often misinformed and under protected; leaked into waterways; and stored in dumps that are not equipped to contain the toxicity. Brine has even been used in commercial products sold at hardware stores and is spread on local roads as a de-icer.”

Click Here to register for this special program.


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