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Penn State Extension: Help Celebrate Riparian Buffer Month In October!

By Kristen Koch, Penn State Agriculture & Environment Center

Penn State Extension is joining the Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council, who declared October as Riparian Buffer Month, as an opportunity to build awareness and familiarity of forested riparian buffers while sharing the applicability of these sustainable practices in a variety of settings. 

Riparian buffers, or streamside forests, are one of the best ways to protect and improve our local streams. They prevent erosion, reduce flooding, provide habitat for wildlife in and near the water, create recreational opportunities, and filter pollutants. They deserve to be celebrated!

Everyone is encouraged to take part in some way and participate in this month-long, focused effort to spread the word about the importance of trees planted along streams.

What you can do:

-- Look for #BufferBanter and #RiparianBufferMonth posts from your favorite conservation organizations on social media. Like, Share, Comment, etc.

-- Donate to organizations that are planting and maintaining riparian buffers in your area like your local watershed association

-- Attend a buffer focused volunteer planting, maintenance day, or educational event

-- If you have a stream, think about planting or improving the buffer on your property.

-- Check out these great resources from Penn State on riparian buffers and learn all you can. Share what you learn with family and friends!

-- Roadside Guide to Clean Water: Riparian Buffers: A riparian buffer involves planting or retaining trees, shrubs, or tall grasses along the banks of rivers, streams, lakes, and ponds. Learn how to identify them with this factsheet.

-- Riparian Buffers: Pennsylvania's Best Solution for Protecting Its Waters: This article explains the benefits of using riparian buffers to protect the health of waterways, livestock, adjacent property, and all who drink and use water downstream.

-- The Role of Trees and Forests in Healthy Watersheds: Trees and forests are important for managing stormwater, reducing flooding, and improving water quality.

-- Riparian Buffers for Wildlife: Riparian buffers have lots of benefits and can be designed to benefit many types of wildlife.

-- Multifunctional Riparian Forest Buffers – More than Just Trees: Thoughtful selection of streamside trees and shrubs can have the added bonus of producing fruit, nuts, berries, or woody florals for profit or personal enjoyment.

-- Riparian Stabilization on an Acre or Less: This article discusses controlling water's edge erosion problems on small riparian sites.

-- Public Demand for Forest Conservation and Water Protection in PA: This article presents estimated economic values for forest/water protection programs in Pennsylvania using meta-analysis and benefit transfer techniques.

-- Growing Great Buffers: Growing Great Buffers is a series of short, helpful videos that describe step-by-step maintenance tasks needed for newly planted riparian buffers.

Visit the Riparian Buffer Month website for more information.

[More information on installing buffers is available on DCNR’s Riparian Buffers webpage.]

(Reprinted from Penn State Extension Watershed Winds newsletter.  Click Here to sign up for your own copy.)

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[Posted: September 20, 2021]


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