DEP Invites Companies Involved In All Aspects Of Oil & Gas Well Plugging To Take A Survey

In anticipation of Congress passing a version of the federal infrastructure bill that includes money for states to plug abandoned oil and gas wells, the Department of Environmental Protection is inviting companies to take an electronic survey aimed at gathering information from existing and prospective plugging contractors and service companies/consultants working in the Northern Appalachian Basin.

The information gathered in the survey is intended to serve as a planning resource for effective coordination among stakeholders during plugging.

For emphasis: this is NOT just a survey for well plugging contractors, but also those companies who might provide any of the numerous support and management services tied to large-scale plugging efforts. 

This is especially important considering that draft legislation at the federal level includes provisions for reporting environmental impacts (emissions and otherwise) being addressed through plugging and site reclamation and large-scale plugging might also require a different approach for erosion and sediment (E&S) control and data management, among other support services.

For this reason, DEP would greatly appreciate interested firms completing the survey..

The survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete and will assist DEP in assessing your interest, availability and ability to perform plugging and plugging support work.

Click Here to take the survey.

(Reprinted from the most recent DEP Oil & Gas BulletinClick Here to sign up for your own copy.)


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[Posted: October 6, 2021]


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