Scenic Pittsburgh Honors Ligonier Borough In Westmoreland County With Achievement Award

On November 6, Scenic Pittsburgh--  a nonprofit focused on protecting and preserving the scenic resources of southwestern Pennsylvania--  presented an achievement award to Ligonier Borough, Westmoreland County during a ceremony held in the town’s recently renovated Diamond Park.

Scenic Pittsburgh Executive Director Michael Dawida explained that when considering award nominees, his organization looked at Ligonier’s history of preservation and renewal of its historic Diamond and shopping district as well as the town’s longtime commitment to leveraging its greenspaces and history for the benefit of its residents.

“Ligonier has long been known as a scenic town, and they’ve worked hard to preserve what makes them unique – as well as being a leader in using their history as an asset for economic development in the area,” he said.

Ligonier Mayor Ormond “Butch” Bellas commented, “Ligonier catches the eye of travelers because of its ‘Hallmark Card’ appearance, and once they stop, people find they enjoy our small-town charm.”

The award was crafted by glass artist William Haynes at the Pittsburgh Glass Center.  It features a wrought metal stand and green and blue glass in a mountain and river pattern designed to evoke both the landscape of southwestern Pennsylvania and two of its historic industries: glass and steel.

“Our motto is that beauty is good for business, and I think the leaders of Ligonier understand that principle – and it shows,” said Dawida. “As a result, their enduring work has benefited our region and will continue to benefit future generations in Pennsylvania.”

For more information about Scenic Pittsburgh’s Awards, or to nominate a group or individual for an award, visit the Scenic Pittsburgh website.

[Posted: November 8, 2021]


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