U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Theodore Roosevelt Genius Prize For Innovative Ways To Make Wildlife Conservation Relevant To All

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is inviting entries to the Theodore Roosevelt Genius Prize For Promotion Of Wildlife Conservation to all citizens.  Deadline for entries April 24.

One bright spot from the pandemic has been a connection or reconnection to nature—whether for solace and health benefits, physical recreation or other outdoor interest.

It also reminded us how critically important nature is for our wellbeing and quality of life, and that the health of humans, animals, and our environment are interconnected – the health of one leads to the health of all.

But as we turned to nature in this time of turmoil, we were reminded that our wildlife resources and their habitats are facing their own historical challenges.

Today, we face climate threats, historical loss of species, shrinking habitats, new invasive species and wildlife diseases, and quickly shifting societal values. These challenges demand a new strategy if we’re to be successful.

To keep wildlife conservation relevant, recognizing that we need to adapt is the first step towards a solution.

How do we engage broader audiences that may not know about the importance of conservation in their own lives or the world at large, or, more candidly, even care about it? How do we make conservation inviting to all citizens?

How do we make people realize that a healthy balance with nature is an essential part of their daily lives and positively impacts their health? How do we ensure they are personally invested and a partner in the short and long-term success of conserving wildlife and wild places?  

All human lives and livelihoods are inherently integrated with the health of the planet and its biodiversity.

Currently, more than 80 percent of the American public live in urban areas, and as a result they are too often disconnected from wildlife or conservation efforts.

Additionally, the increasingly diverse American public has a range of wildlife values and expectations for engagement with wildlife.

Therefore, promoting wildlife conservation in ways that appeal to some groups may serve to alienate others.

A visionary way to make wildlife conservation relevant to all American people could go far in rallying a unified, national effort to save wild species and their habitats while engaging new and diverse stakeholders in the effort.

To win the Theodore Roosevelt Genius Prize Competition for Promotion of Wildlife Conservation participants must submit their solution that addresses a visionary way to make wildlife conservation relevant to all American people.

Click Here for all the details on entering.  Total cash prizes: $100,000.

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[Posted: March 2, 2022]


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