PA County Conservation Districts Celebrate Conservation District Week April 10-16

Recognized by both the State House and Senate, April 10-16, 2022 has been declared “Conservation District Week.” During this week, district offices across the state will hold events and meet with legislators in their home county.

Each county has a conservation district office except Philadelphia. These volunteer directors and staff address conservation concerns in their community. These are your neighbors who are working to prevent pollution in your backyard. That deserves to be celebrated!

“Conservation District Week celebrates and highlights conservation district’s stewardship of the Commonwealth’s natural resources. Everyday conservation district staff work to ensure there is enough clean water and healthy soil for future generations,” said Brenda J. Shambaugh, Executive Director of the PA Association of Conservation Districts.

Conservation districts thank members of the House and Senate for supporting the districts through the state budget.

In order for conservation districts to serve their county, they rely on state support, which is why PACD requests a budget increase in the Department of Agriculture budget for the Conservation District Fund line and a budget increase in the Department of Environmental Protection budget for the Conservation District Fund line to assist with conservation planning, project development and installation ensuring critical conservation practices are put in place enhancing and protecting PA’s natural resources. 

Conservation districts continue to review permits, provide assistance to farmers, assist municipalities in preparing to fix low volume roads and dirt and gravel roads throughout the state, and help control mosquito-borne diseases such as West Nile Virus and Zika Virus.

Visit the Conservation District Week webpage for more information

For more information on programs, initiatives, upcoming events and more, visit the PA Association of Conservation Districts website.

[Posted: April 7, 2022]


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