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Celebrate First Ever Pennsylvania Native Species Day June 17

The PA Invasive Species Council is launching the first Pennsylvania Native Species Day on June 17 to celebrate and protect our native plants, trees, insects and animals.

Pennsylvania is home to diverse native plants, trees, insects, fish, birds, and mammals that originated thousands of years ago and thrive in mutual dependence.

This native ecosystem provides us with outdoor experiences that benefit our lives and supplies natural resources for a variety of Pennsylvania industries--agricultural food production, recreation, fisheries, timber, and more.

As humans have increased worldwide commerce and travel, nonnative species have begun crisscrossing the world in tandem.

When they're transported to areas outside their native range, they invade, because they outcompete native species and increasingly threaten the survival of native species.

Help more Pennsylvanians learn about, celebrate, help protect native species, and understand the pressures that nonnative invasive species present.

There are many actions that educators, community organizations, business owners, local governments, and residents can take to help increase awareness of and protect Pennsylvania's native species.

To learn more visit the Pennsylvania Native Species Day webpage. Questions should be directed to Deb Klenotic, Council Communications Chair, at  or (717) 649-9136.

For more environmental ed resources, visit DEP’s Environmental Education webpage.  Questions should be directed to Bert Myers, DEP Environmental Education and Information Center, call 717-772-1828 or send email to:     Click Here to sign up for the DEP Teaching Green newsletter.

(Reprinted from DEP’s latest Teaching Green environmental education newsletter.  Click Here to sign up for your own copy.)

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[Posted: May 4, 2022]


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