PA Water Trails Program Announces Newest Trail: The Perkiomen Creek Water Trail, Montgomery County

The Executive Partners of the Pennsylvania Water Trail Program-- the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the Fish and Boat Commission, the National Park Service, and the PA Environmental Council-- are pleased to announce the Perkiomen Creek is now an officially-designated Water Trail.

The Perkiomen Creek Water Trail in Montgomery County offers approximately 14.5 miles of boatable waters from the Crusher Road access just south of Green Lane Park to the Hoy Park/Arcola Road access at the confluence of Skippack Creek and Perkiomen Creek.

Along the water trail corridor, there are numerous public parks and preserved lands. The 20-mile multi-use Perkiomen Trail parallels the creek and provides a framework for access to the water trail.

According to Ryan Beltz, Executive Director of the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy, the Perkiomen Creek Water Trail Managing entity, “Both the Water Trail and its land-based counterpart offer spectacular recreation opportunities for residents and visitors to the Perkiomen Valley.” He adds, “We are honored and thrilled to be the newest official Pennsylvania Water Trail and look forward to welcoming paddlers of all skill levels to enjoy the trail.”

“Supporting expansion of trail access is at the core of DCNR’s mission and we are proud to welcome Perkiomen Creek into the Pennsylvania Water Trail Program,” DCNR Secretary Cindy Adams Dunn said. “Like land trails, water trails serve as a connector to communities and larger regions as well as a means to create healthy lifestyles for all Pennsylvanians. Special thanks to the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy for its efforts to uplift this wonderful waterway and expanding its connections to multiple outdoor recreation opportunities in the community.”

“Water trails offer a diverse array of opportunities for people to experience the Commonwealth’s abundant aquatic resources,” said Tim Schaeffer, PFBC Executive Director.  “In one of the most developed regions of the state, the Perkiomen Water Trail provides adventure to some and solace to others. Water trails bring together community members and bolster local economies especially when development and stewardship activities are underway. 

“The Commission is pleased to be a partner in the development of the Marlborough Access project on the Perkiomen, by providing funding through our Boating Facilities Grant Program which matches local contributions to construct a new canoe/kayak access area at the uppermost public access point on the newly designated water trail,” said Schaeffer.  “The Commission encourages visitors to the water trail to be mindful of their safety and always wear a life jacket when boating.”

As the Water Trail Manager, the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy agrees to promote the Pennsylvania Water Trail’s eight guiding principles-- Partnership; Stewardship; Volunteerism;  Education; Conservation Community Vitality; Diversity; Wellness and Well-being.

The Conservancy maintains a website with video guides to the Perkiomen and a Perkiomen’s Creek Paddler’s Guide, which provides expert tips for paddling, plus information on creek access, hazards, and services along the way.

Paddlers can view the online version of the guide and purchase a hard copy printed on waterproof paper for $12.

Though largely a free-flowing stream, there are a few small dams and old mill dam remnants scattered throughout the length of the Water Trail that require extra caution.

Paddlers should plan their trips using the Guide, weather forecast, and creek flow rates to determine the safest route and portage locations.

Always wear a well-fitting life jacket and be prepared for changing conditions.

Pennsylvania's 29 water trails link outdoor recreation and water conservation efforts.

Since 2008, the PA Water Trails Program partners have worked together to promote and maintain a network of creeks and rivers for public access and stewardship.

The PA Water Trails Program provides technical assistance, shares education and resources, and facilitates opportunities for networking and peer-to-peer learning for water trail managers.

To learn more about the PA Water Trails Program webpage.

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[Posted: September 19, 2022]


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