PA Parks & Forests Foundation Accepting Entries For 2023 Photo Contest ‘Reflections’

The PA Parks and Forests Foundation is now accepting entries for the 2023 Photo Contest. The deadline for entries is September 30.

The categories for 2023 are related to PPFF’s 2023 theme of “Reflections” and are a direct outgrowth of last year’s photo contest!

The word “reflections” suggested so many things that it seemed like a wonderful jumping off point for artistic interpretation.

-- Mirror Images: Quite the literal reading of “reflections.”

-- Meditation: “Reflection” also means, of course, to consider quietly.

-- What Parks and Forests Mean To Me: And as you reflect and consider, perhaps you find something in our parks and forests that sums up in an image what these places mean to your health, well-being, pursuit of happiness.

-- Conversations: Life meets itself on a walk through the woods. As we reflect on the beauty of the natural world, we realize that everywhere we turn life interacts, converses, and connects in so many ways.

--Celebrations: You reflect and you celebrate. Let us share the people, places, and things that bring you joy in the parks and forests.

-- Young Photographers (ages 12 to 17 )

Click Here for all the details.   Click Here to see all 2022 winners.

Visit the PA Parks & Forests Foundation’s Events webpage and DCNR’s Calendar of Events for activities happening near you.

The Foundation and their 48 chapters mobilize 65,000 volunteers annually to steward YOUR state parks and forests.

(Photos: Young Photographer winners: Top- Judges Choice - Ellory Potter, Ricketts Glen State Park; Bottom-  People’s Choice - Lilly Zhang, Marsh Creek State Park; Right- Runner Up - Bella Kaminsky, Marsh Creek State Park.)

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[Posted: January 6, 2023]


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