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DEP Posts Updated List Of Technical Guidance In Development To Promote Public Involvement

On March 11, the Department of Environmental Protection posted an update to its Non-Regulatory Agenda showing the status of technical guidance in development.  (formal notice)

The Agenda serves as a guide and resource to the regulated community, the public, Department staff and members of the Department's advisory committees regarding the focus of the Department's policy development for the coming year.

The types of documents listed in the Agenda include policies and technical guidance documents that provide directives, guidance or other relevant compliance-related information.

Pending Guidance

Examples of the pending technical guidance include--

-- Environmental Justice Mapping and Screening Tool

-- Oil & Gas Program Civil Penalty Assessments

-- Erosion & Sedimentation Management for Oil & Gas Operations

-- Prioritization Review Of E&S Permits for Oil & Gas Operations

-- Guidance on Integrated Emergency Contingency Plans For Shale Gas Well Sites

-- State Water Quality Certification for Interstate Natural Gas Pipelines

-- Environmental Considerations in Trenchless Pipeline Construction

-- PA Wetland Replacement Project

-- Post Construction Stormwater Management Manual

-- Updated Erosion and Sediment Pollution Control Program Manual

-- Guidance On Reporting Spills, Discharges and Other Incidents

-- Guidelines for Underground Storage Facility Inspections

-- Closure Requirements for Underground Storage Tank Systems

-- Review of Residual and Hazardous Waste Source Reduction Strategies

The Agenda is similar to the Regulatory Agenda published by DEP showing regulations in development.

Click Here for up-to-date versions of both the Regulatory and Non-Regulatory Agendas.

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[Posted: March 10, 2023]


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