Pennsylvania Oil & Gas Weekly Compliance Dashboard - August 12 to 18; DEP Orders Restoration Of Water Supply; Conventional Wells Abandoned; Leaking Methane, Fluids

From August 12 to 18, DEP’s Oil and Gas Compliance Database shows oil and gas inspectors filed 561 inspection entries

So far this year-- as of August 11-- DEP issued 4,239 formal notices of violation to conventional operators (295 more since last week) and 845 to unconventional shale gas operators (24 more this week) based on 9,632 inspections of conventional facilities and 15,049 inspections of unconventional shale gas facilities.

DEP Orders Restoration Of Reno Water Supply

On August 19, The Derrick newspaper reported DEP’s Oil and Gas Program issued an administrative order to Petro Erie, Inc. to provide temporary water and take action to restore or replace the water supply for the Village of Reno contaminated by a release of wastewater from a conventional oil well field the company operates in Venango County.

Petro Erie, Inc. is also required to reimburse the Venango Water Company, which owns the Reno water system, and Aqua Pennsylvania, which has been providing temporary water and taking steps to restore the system under a Public Utility Commission emergency order, for any temporary and permanent increased operating and maintenance costs resulting from the contamination caused by the spill.

The DEP order also requires Petro Erie, Inc. to submit a plan to DEP for remediation of the area impacted by the release of the wastewater within 30 days.  Read more here.

Well Abandonment NOVs

On August 16, 2023, DEP inspected the Harry Abel KL 56 conventional well operated by Diversified Prod LLC in Grant Township, Indiana County and found it to be abandoned without being plugged and issued a notice of violation.

DEP also noted the well had not been produced for two reporting periods

On August 15, 2023, DEP reinspected a conventional well known as Menallen Coke Company 8 operated by The Production Co LLC in Menallen Township, Fayette County and found the well abandoned. 

No annual production and waste generation or well integrity reports have been filed by the operator.

DEP originally issued the notice of violation for well abandonment on November 17, 2020.

DEP’s inspection report requests the operator to submit a written report by August 29, 2023 on how they plan to bring the well into compliance.

Conventional Well Leaking Methane

On August 14 and 16, 2023, DEP inspected a conventional well known as Hirtzel H5 operated by SLT Production LLC in Pleasant Township, Warren County to determine if well plugging had stopped the well leaking methane.

DEP found the well still leaking methane from slam bar holes around the well on August 14.

On August 16, readings around the well showed no methane.  A camera was set up to go down the well to verify the methane leak was stopped, but ran into a bridge of unknown material.

DEP’s inspection report said the operator was going to return to clean out the well some more to give the camera an unobstructed view.

On August 17, 2023, DEP inspected the J. McEwen 8 conventional well operated by All Amer Energy Inc. in South Fayette Township, Allegheny County and found it to be leaking natural gas at the surface.

DEP’s inspection report shows no notices of violation were issued.

On August 16, 2023, DEP inspected a conventional gas well operated by Pennhills Resources LLC  known as WT 2850 Lot 8/23 in Howe Township, Forest County and found the newly drilled well venting to the atmosphere.

No notices of violation were issued.  This is a common pre-production practice.

Leaking Conventional Wastewater Tanks

On August 16, 2023, DEP inspected a conventional well operated by Apollo Resources LLC on State Game Lands 51B in Dunbar Township, Fayette County and found there has been no progress in repairing or removing severely corroded production wastewater tanks on the site in the last three months.

DEP first issued notices of violation for failure to maintain the structural integrity of the tanks on May 11, 2023 and returned for a follow up inspection on July 13, 2023.

DEP’s inspection report requested the operator to submit a written report by August 30, 2023 on how they will bring the well into compliance.

On August 16, 2023, as a result of a citizen complaint, DEP inspected the Joseph Canale 2 conventional well operated by Fairman Corp in Armstrong Township, Indiana County and confirmed an incident involving an overflowing production wastewater tank.

Employees of the operator were onsite beginning remediation efforts and drain the tank.

DEP’s inspection report contained notices of violation for the leaking tank and requested a written report by September 13, 2023 from the operator to describe how they were going to bring the site into compliance.

Fluid Leak From Shale Gas Chemical Storage Area

On August 16, 2023, DEP inspected the Roeber shale gas well pad operated by Chesapeake Appalachia, LLC in Wyalusing Township, Bradford County and found fluid leaking from a frack chemical storage area that had an improperly constructed secondary containment.

Fracking fluid contains a variety of chemical compounds some of which can cause cancer.

The operator was in the process of drilling two new shale gas wells.  Equipment was onsite used for the fracking process.

DEP’s inspection report requested a written report by September 11, 2023 on how the operator would bring the well pad into compliance and recommended pursuing an Act 2 Land Recycling Program cleanup for the impacted area.

Shale Gas Well Pad Containment Still Has Holes

On August 14, 2023, DEP did a followup inspection of the DR02 unconventional shale gas well pad and impoundment operated by Nucomer Energy LLC in Hickory Township, Forest County and found the secondary containment liner still had holes and tears in it.

DEP found the same holes and tears during an inspection on July 21, 2023.  DEP noted attempts were made to patch the holes with “unapproved adhesive material” - tape - that was peeling and lifting off the liner.

DEP’s inspection report requested the operator to submit a written report by August 30, 2023 on how they were going to bring the well site into compliance.

Report Violations

To report oil and gas violations or any environmental emergency or complaint, visit DEP’s Environmental Complaint webpage.

Check These Resources

Visit DEP’s Compliance Reporting Database webpage to search their compliance records by date and operator and the Inspection Reports Viewer.

Sign up for DEP’s eNOTICE service which sends you information on oil and gas and other permits submitted to DEP for review in your community.

(Photos: Top- Apollo Resources LLC corroded conventional production tank;  Nucomer Energy LLC shale gas pad secondary containment liner holes; STL Production LLC conventional leaking well; Bottom- Fairman Corp overflowing conventional wastewater tank; Fluid running off frack chemical storage area at Chesapeake Appalachia, LLC shale gas well site.)

[Note: If you believe your company was listed in error, contact DEP’s Oil and Gas Program.]

[Note: These may not be all the NOVs issued to oil and gas companies during this time period.  Additional inspection reports may be added to DEP’s Oil and Gas Compliance Database.]

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[Posted: August 19, 2023]


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