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Regional Agricultural Program Dollars Available for Livestock Operations

The Capital Resource Conservation and Development Area Council, Inc. announced the availability of funding this week for farmers in Southcentral Pennsylvania to install various beneficial agricultural practices.

The program, called the Regional Riparian and Ag BMP Initiative, provides cost share dollars for the installation of items such as fencing, watering systems and walkways on livestock farms. Priority will be given to those that incorporate rotational grazing systems in their operations.

The project will implement rotational grazing systems, riparian buffers and other agricultural best management practices on eligible farms, with funding from the Department of Environmental Protection's Chesapeake Bay Program.

The Capital RC&D, in partnership with DEP, the State Conservation Commission, participating conservation districts and South Central PA Project Grass, will help to improve the effectiveness of agricultural riparian buffers and support the conversion of crop land to pasture. A limited number of funds will also be used for the promotion of sound conservation planning principles and practices.

The program is available within the 17-county Chesapeake Bay drainage area served by the DEP Southcentral Region .

“The Capital RC&D Council is proud to be a part of the Regional Riparian and Ag BMP Initiative as a way to provide services to farmers and to encourage local waterway protection” Capital RC&D Program Manager Susan Richards said.

For more information or to apply for the RRI program, please contact your local NRCS Grazing Coordinator or Susan Richards, Capital RC&D Program Manager at 717-724-0009 or send email to:


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